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Jackson Springs Hardwood Flooring

Timeless, elegant, durable, and long-lasting, hardwood flooring has been a desirable flooring choice for centuries. From ultra-modern to farmhouse chic, wood floors are a smart, value-adding addition to any style of home. Your Jackson Springs hardwood flooring professionals, we ensure you have the right floors for every space in your home.

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Time has shown that hardwood flooring can retain its beauty for generations when properly taken care of. Every plank of our hardwood flooring is a unique piece of nature, giving each room a distinct character and charm that can last for decades. Fayetteville Flooring Company provides attractive wood flooring

With our team of hardwood flooring experts, we assure you that our flooring design and precise installation service will not just transform the beauty of your home but also increase its overall resale value. Genuine hardwood floors are highly attractive to potential buyers, making your house easier to be sold should you decide to sell. We ensure that both the product you select and the installation of your floors are high-quality and with longevity in mind.

Even if you don’t have plans for selling your house, your hardwood floor investment will still be worthwhile because of the benefits it provides to your family. A desirable flooring choice that can be refinished or repaired when damaged, it provides comfort and elegance that can be restored to its original luster, even after decades of use.

Let us make your home even more beautiful than it already is! Fayetteville Flooring Company is your dedicated hardwood flooring partner, providing wood floor products, installation, repairs, restoration, and refinishing.

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Durable Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

If you have a big family, kids, or pets, your flooring material must not be anything less than extremely durable and proven to be long-lasting. That is precisely what our hardwood flooring provides.

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The durability of our wood floors can handle whatever kind of foot traffic, spills, and other impact imposed on it. However, you should choose the right type of hardwood flooring for this to be accomplished in your home.

Hardwood floors have different levels of hardness, depending on the wood species they are made from. Some species are just more durable than others, making them perfect for families with kids, pets, and constant heavy foot traffic.

One of the hardest domestic woods is hickory, followed by domestic maple and oak. We also use Brazilian Walnut and Brazilian Cherry, which are exotic species that offer extreme hardness. For softer species with less durability, we have hardwood flooring made from pine, Douglas Fir, and American Walnut and Cherry. For a full selection of our wooden floors based on durability, reach out to our Jackson Springs, NC hardwood flooring experts.

Aside from checking for wood species, you must also choose between solid and engineered hardwood to make sure you get the durability that suits your home. Our solid hardwood is the traditional hardwood flooring version, each plank made from a single, solid piece of real wood. Engineered hardwood, however, is a layered wood product. It consists of a thin slice of hardwood attached on top of another piece of high-quality wood composite, like plywood.

Expectedly, engineered wood is less durable compared to solid hardwood. However, it is much more versatile and less expensive than solid wood flooring. You can install it on any grade—even in basements.

Here in Fayetteville Flooring Company, we have a whole selection of hardwood floors that you can choose from. We also have experts who will assist you in choosing the best type to serve your family and beautify your home.

Various Styles of Hardwood Floors

There’s no way that you can avoid scratches on your hardwood floor forever. However, the style you purchase will help make your home look blemish-free for a longer period.

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If you are concerned with possible scratches and dents, especially if you have pets or kids in the house, we can offer hardwood flooring with a high degree of graining. We use hickory and red oak species to help with camouflaging and offer an even wider color variation with wood floors made from hickory.

Fayetteville Flooring Company also offers light-colored hardwood floor choices that are good in hiding scratches too. This particular selection, composed of woods with natural and airy shades, provides a modern style while also being a good fit for houses with kids.

Just like with durability, styles of hardwood flooring depend greatly on the wood species they’re made from. Given that each species has its unique natural traits, they vary in knotholes, wood grains, and mineral streaks. Additionally, wood species determine whether your hardwood floor will be dark or lighter than others.

For a lighter finish, we use wood such as Maple, Oak, Pine, or even Bamboo. For a darker finish, you will want to consider wood like Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, or Mahogany. Our Jackson Springs wood floor experts can help you select the right wood and finish to perfectly suit your space and needs. Fayetteville Flooring Company has a lot of floor choices made from domestic hardwoods that are attractive and affordable. However, if you want flooring that is a bit more exotic and unique, we also have mahogany, bamboo, Brazilian Cherry, and Brazilian Walnut, among many others.

We also offer hardwood flooring with matte and satin finishes that can help with hiding scratches and dents. Additionally, many of our hardwood finishes are infused with stain- and scuff-resistant technology, ensuring ease in cleaning and maintenance. No matter what wood species or finishing options you prefer, rest assured that Fayetteville Flooring Company will deliver hardwood flooring with the highest quality possible for your budget and style preference. Talk to our flooring experts to choose the best one for your home!

Maintenance, Repairs, & Refinishing

It is natural for your wood flooring to start to show some wear with consistent traffic over time. There may be accidents resulting in dents or scratches requiring maintenance, water damage resulting in repairs or board replacement, or you may simply wish to update the look of your flooring through refinishing.

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At Fayetteville Flooring Company, our Jackson Springs, NC hardwood flooring experts handle every aspect of wood floor ownership, from the initial installation to maintenance, repairs, and restoration or refinishing. Whether you would like your wood floors to be stripped and refinished in a darker color for a more modern look, have an area of flooring that requires repairs, or want to replace your flooring altogether with a new hardwood product, we deliver.

Taking care of your wood floors is easy and straightforward. Everyday care and maintenance for our hardwood floors only require sweeping, vacuuming, and dry mopping. Even in instances where dry surface cleaning is not enough, a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution will be good enough to take care of your floor. If you have problems beyond that which cleaning can resolve, our experts will step in to help restore your flooring to its original beauty.

You should also take note that for your hardwood flooring to last even longer, don’t forget to trim your pet’s nails frequently and to remove high heel and stilettos as you walk on the floor. Investing in a humidifier will also be good for your wooden floor since it is sensitive to indoor climate. Our experts will review how to best maintain and protect your new floors after installation so you can be confident you are taking the best care of them that you possibly can.

Full-Service Wood Flooring Provider

If you are looking for a wood flooring company that delivers all of their promises without draining your finances, Fayetteville Flooring Company is the right flooring partner for you. Our wide selection of hardwood designs, combined with the expertise of our installation and maintenance team, has established our name as a trusted local hardwood flooring provider.

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Whether you want a hardwood floor that is family-friendly, incredibly durable, fit for pets, heated, or waterproof, our professionals can deliver with speed and skill.

With an impressive assortment of wood floor materials available, you can also choose the specific grain, finish, and color you want for your flooring. Our goal here at Fayetteville Flooring Company is to provide and install flooring that will best reflect your personality and withstand your family’s lifestyle.

Rest assured, when you work with our flooring experts, you will get nothing short of an aesthetically pleasing, durable hardwood floor that will serve your family and increase your home value long-term.

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Jackson Springs Hardwood Flooring fayetteville floor company logo 300x100Beautiful, timeless, and elegant, hardwood flooring is a smart, economical choice for those who enjoy the natural qualities of wood and that want to invest in flooring that can last a lifetime. If you are considering wood flooring and would like to understand the benefits of various wood products and the alternatives available to you, reach out to the Jackson Springs hardwood flooring experts at Fayetteville Flooring Company. When you choose our experts to install new hardwood floors in your home, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality, durable flooring products and services that perfectly complement your home while exceeding the expectations of your family, all within your budget.

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