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Highfalls Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood is a durable flooring material; however, it can develop issues over time. Wear, moisture, and poor installation can all impact how long your floors retain their beauty. After years or decades of service, you may start to notice damage to your floors. Once this happens, it is important to invest in hardwood floor repair as soon as you can.

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We understand that protecting your wood flooring is important to the comfort and value of your home. Our Highfalls wood flooring repair experts will assess the damage and repair it to revive your hardwood floors. We are focused on returning both the beauty and functionality of your wood floors, as well as protecting them to ensure further damage does not occur.

From hardwood floor repairs to refinishing and replacement, Fayetteville Flooring Company assists you with any level of wood floor service. Whether you need minor floor repairs like dents or scratches removed, major repairs like replacing sections of flooring, or if you need to restore the protective coating on your floor, our wood floor repair professionals provide the right level of repair service for your unique situation.

If you want to ensure affordable, quality service, only work with Fayetteville Flooring Company. We look forward to restoring the natural elegance of your hardwood floors.

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Signs You Need Hardwood Repair

Over time, your wooden floors experience a lot of life and a lot of wear as a result.

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Foot traffic, pets, spills, and other exposure can cause minor problems in your wood flooring. If left unrepaired, these problems can spread, causing you to require a more expensive remediation solution, such as floor refinishing or even floor replacement.

Your Highfalls hardwood floor repair company, we make sure your wood floors get the maintenance they need to stay attractive and functional. From minor scratch repair to moisture removal, board replacement, and refinishing, we provide many levels of service, suited specifically to your floors and their current level of damage.

We want to ensure you get the floor repair assistance you need to correct flooring issues as quickly as possible. Problems indicating immediate repair is needed include:

1. Splits or cracks in the wood.

Your hardwood floors may have developed small splits or cracks in the wood surface after many years. These damages can be spot repaired using some angled nails to secure two pieces together and some wood putty to cover blemishes.

However, if your hardwood floors already have large cracks, refinishing might be the first thing you should consider. Replacing the whole damaged plank will also do the trick if the split is that bad. Our wood floor professionals will review and recommend the right course of action.

2. Gaps in the planks.

One common problem with hardwood floors is the spacing between the planks. Your wood flooring, as a natural element, responds to the environment around it. When our weather is cold and dry, wood boards will dry and contract. When it is wet and humid, the boards will expand. This regular expansion and contraction cause the gaps between your boards to become irregular, which can harbor crumbs, dust, dirt, and moisture, as well as appearing unsightly.

Generally, you have nothing to worry about if the gap is less than the thickness of a dime. However, if the gaps are large, growing, or creating an unattractive appearance, a professional hardwood repairman from Fayetteville Flooring Company can tighten the floor for you.

3. Your wood floor is buckling.

Buckling will happen if the wooden boards warp and lift from the subfloor they’re attached to. Once you notice this problem, you can call Fayetteville Flooring Company to determine the root of the buckling issue. Moisture, improper installation, and weaknesses in your subfloor can all contribute to floor buckling.

After we identify the cause, our professional flooring experts will then attach the hardwood planks back to the subfloor, ensuring that the connection is firm and buckled woods would no longer occur. If buckling is resulting from a larger, structural problem within your home, we will alert you to this and discuss potential resolution methods.

4. Your wood floors are cupping.

Floor cupping is when the edge of the hardwood planks raise, and the center of the boards sinks, creating a cup or bowl appearance on the surface of the board. Cupped boards are often found by a homeowner’s toe, which can be painful and frustrating.

This damage is caused by moisture imbalance, having more water on the bottom of the wood plank than on its top. This is a sign that your board has, in some way, been compromised. From sanding, smoothing, and refinishing to board replacement, we provide the best floor repair for your situation.

5. Your hardwood floor is warped.

Hardwood floors warp or sag due to serious moisture problems. If this happens to your home, floor repair should be done immediately, as well as attention given to the root cause of the problem.

Take note that most of the time, warped hardwood floors are not the result of improper installation or poor quality hardwood. What should be addressed is the moisture problem in your home, ensuring that no warping will persistently occur. We can repair or replace your floorboards, but the problem may return if the moisture issue is not resolved.

6. Other hardwood damage or issues.

Aside from the major hardwood problems mentioned above, scratched or loose planks may also call for immediate repair. Minor scratches can be mended with touch-up kits, but serious ones may need refinishing. Also, loose planks must be nailed down to the subfloor to prevent further movements. However, if there are many loose boards, it is a sign of poorly done installation and will require a professional to repair it.

Whatever problem you are experiencing with your wood floors, our Highfalls, NC hardwood floor repair experts are here to rescue your damaged hardwood floor. Talk to us about your flooring challenges, and we will plan and execute the most effective and affordable floor repair solution right away!

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Hardwood floors are great for every home with their classic beauty and proven durability. When properly taken care of, these floors can be used and enjoyed for generations and will increase your home’s resale value. It is our pleasure to repair your hardwood floor and return it to its original state, or even better!

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Once you start noticing any damage affecting your wood floors, immediately call Fayetteville Flooring Company. We have a team of expert repairmen who are always ready to fix your problem with efficiency and precision. After we’re done, you will get nothing but the satisfaction from the affordable, meticulous, and long-lasting repair service that we have rendered.

You want the best for your home, so don’t entrust your hardwood repair problems to just any service provider. Work with the one who has been serving and fulfilling the wooden flooring expectations of people across Highfalls, North Carolina. Work with Fayetteville Flooring Company!

Let’s Talk- Free Consultation

Highfalls Hardwood Floor Repair fayetteville floor company logo 300x100As much as we want to give you the best service, we also don’t want to empty your pockets. Talk to us about the issues in your hardwood floor, and we will construct an effective plan to address them specifically after assessing your situation and considering your budget.

Our Highfalls hardwood flooring repair professionals are fast, friendly, and hardworking, providing any level of floor repair, refinishing, or replacement to ensure your home is as functional, comfortable, and attractive as possible.

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